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The Crystal Clean Carpet Process

OUR PROCESS is not extraction - but a low moisture system using highly efficient 

cleaning polymers. 

No strong fumes or irritants in your home leave carpets clean and safe for immediate

contact. We NEVER use dirty ("recycled") water on your carpet, but fresh cleaner for

every job. Our cleaning polymer solution is sprayed on using only compressed air. We

only use the amount required for your carpet and level of soiling, never saturating your padding and sub flooring.

Our program uses a fraction of the water typical of extraction systems (generally 1/10th or less), promoting much faster dry time. Our process increases indoor air quality by reducing the risk for mold and spore travel, mildew, and chemical smells that can occur with other cleaning methods. 

Our cleaning products are designed to be safe to use and cause minimal environmental impact, but still retain the powerful cleaning capabilities to outperform other cleaning systems.
Due to our unique formula and low chemical volume, our process leaves no soap residues to cause re soiling. This means your carpet will stay clean longer and reduce the amount of resources needed to keep them clean.


We use the highest efficiency equipment available. Our equipment is optimized to decrease the use of natural resources like water, electricity and labor. 

Due to higher cleaning speeds, our floor machines actually use less electricity by running at a higher speed and efficiency and for less time.

Our Microfiber scrubbers and dryer bonnets help in the cleaning environment by lasting longer, are more absorbent of soils by absorbing 6-7 times their weight in liquid, trap smaller airborne matter, and are hypoallergenic. 


Our Crystal Clean Carpet method is more than just another “green” product. Our entire program works to minimize impact on the environment while providing superior cleaning results. 

To read the full ABR Report on our Low Moisture Cleaning, download the PDF file below.

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ABR Report on our Low Moisture Cleaning